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Terms & Conditions

The client agrees to all terms and conditions upon payment of deposit


Bookings and deposits


  1. A 20% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. Deposits are required to be paid into the bank account details as specified on invoice/quote.

  2. Client must use invoice number and name as reference when making any payments to Roseleigh & Reid.

  3. Roseleigh & Reid are under no obligation to hold any items aside without a 20% non-refundable deposit regardless of any verbal or written purchase orders being exchanged.

  4. The full amount of any hire agreement needs to be paid by the client ten business days prior to delivery of equipment, or the collection of DIY hire. Roseleigh & Reid may deem the order a cancellation if funds have not been received ten business days prior to the event

  5. Quotes will remain valid for seven days.


  1. A $500 bond is required to be paid by the client on top of the total invoice payment and must be paid when making the final balance payment due (ten days prior to delivery/pick up).

  2. Refund of the bond will be issued to the client after the hired equipment has been inspected on return, once Roseleigh & Reid are satisfied with the condition of all items hired the client will receive the full amount less any of the following; breakages, cost of cleaning, shortages, late fees, damaged or missing items. Non-returned or damaged items also include any packing items such as storage boxes.

  3. Roseleigh & Reid may keep a portion of the bond to cover costs of any additional labour charges.

  4. Bond returns may take-up to 14 days after collection/return of hire items. Clients need to supply Roseleigh & Reid with bank details for deposit return.

Cancellation conditions
  1. The 20% non-refundable deposit will be forfeited by the client upon cancellation.

  2. A 50% cancellation fee will apply for all cancellations made ten days or less prior to the date of the event.

  3. Up to 100% cancellation fee may apply for all cancellations five days or less prior to the date of the event.

  4. The cancellation fees listed above will be applied to the total invoice price.

Hire periods
  1. All hire periods are to be pre-negotiated between the client and Roseleigh & Reid regarding delivery & collections.

  2. Delivery and collection times are between Monday-Friday. If delivery or collection is required on weekends or public holiday an additional fee will be charged. Please notify Roseleigh & Reid at the time of booking.


Changes to orders
  1. The client may add additional hire items to original booking, subject to availability at the time.

  2. A refund will not be issued due to change of mind for agreed booked items.

  3. Roseleigh & Reid acknowledges items such as chairs, tables, glassware etc are booked with intended guest numbers. If guest numbers are lower than anticipated the client may request a deletion of quantities per the agreed invoice. The client must request changes no later than ten business days prior to the due date as per the invoice.


Dry hire/DIY terms

Hire prices do not include set up prior to event or pack up post event of any of the following: tables, chairs, glassware, cutlery settings, etc.

***This option is available at an additional charge, please contact Roseleigh & Reid for more information.

The obligation of the client to Roseleigh & Reid is as follows:

  1. Keep the goods in proper working order and condition

  2. Will store the goods safely and securely and protected from theft, loss, or damage

  3. Will not, alter, tamper, damage or repair the goods without our consent

  4. Will not, remove the goods from the location described in the quotation

  5. Will notify Roseleigh & Reid immediately if there is any loss or damage

  6. For DIY hire, it is the client’s responsibility to load all hired equipment into their own vehicle. The client

is responsible for any damage caused to hired equipment or vehicle in the act of loading, unloading or

transport. It is the responsibility of the client to secure all loads safely and legally. The client must bring the appropriate packing and strapping to ensure items are not damaged.


  1. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure heavy vehicle access, including small truck and utility vehicle with trailer access to location for delivery and collection of hired items.

  2. If Roseleigh & Reid deem easy access has not been granted, additional labour costs will be incurred and will be deducted from client’s bond (see bond for more information). In extreme circumstances, Roseleigh & Reid may refuse to proceed with the booking and it will be considered a cancellation (see cancellations for more information).

  3. Delivered DIY/dry hire items unloaded by Roseleigh & Reid to one location and no further than ten meters from Roseleigh & Reid vehicle. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Roseleigh & Reid if any items need to be unloaded further than ten meters, upstairs, through garages, or if any other obstacles will cause delay. Failure to inform will incur extra charges (see bond conditions). In extreme circumstances Roseleigh & Reid may refuse to proceed with the booking and it will be considered a cancellation (see cancellation conditions).

  4. The client agrees to pay a charge of $50 including GST per hour per employee on site if the client or their representative is not present on site at an agreed time, or for any reason if the Roseleigh & Reid are unable to commence work. Reasons may include but not limited to client indecisions, poor site preparation, lack of access, or any other delays foreseeable and unforeseeable.


Wedding ceremonies

The following applies to ceremony set ups by Roseleigh & Reid.

  1. Easy access to ceremony location is the responsibility of the client (refer to access for more information).

  2. Roseleigh & Reid will require access to the ceremony site 2hrs prior to the ceremony start time. A total time of 2 hours will be allocated for ceremony proceedings. The 2hrs allocated for ceremony proceeding time will begin at the start of the intended ceremony start time. For any reason, the ceremony is running late any additional time will incur a charge at an hourly rate of $50 including GST per hour per employee on site.

  3. All wet weather changes may incur additional costs. Please discuss the wet weather plan with Roseleigh & Reid at the time of booking.

  4. Roseleigh & Reid are not responsible for the removal of any rubbish (alcohol cans, bottles, confetti, etc) left at the ceremony site.


Return of hire items
  1. The client is responsible for the return of all hire items in the condition they were delivered or picked up in. Any damages, breakages, any missing items will be deducted from the bond (see bond for more information). Please inform Roseleigh & Reid of the listed changed conditions of items to avoid higher penalties.

  2. The client is responsible for having all items ready for collection in the same way they were delivered. This includes but is not limited to chairs and tables stacked, itemed boxed away, glassware in catering boxes with catering lids in place, used tablecloths in garbage bags. Failure to have items ready to load onto truck will incur an additional fee (see bond for more information).

  3. The client is responsible for ensuring that all items are cleaned (with the exception of the table linen). This includes but not limited to tables, chairs including chair legs are to be wiped. Failure to return clean items will incur a fee of an hourly rate of $50 including GST per hour per employee (see bond for more information) for the duration of additional cleaning time.

  4. The client is responsible for ensuring all used table linen has had flowers, food, leaves etc removed prior to bagging away. Any permanent stains incurred from liquids, mud, candle wax, etc. will incur a linen replacement fee.


Use of photography
  1. The client agrees that Roseleigh & Reid may use photography taken by or supplied to Roseleigh & Reid for advertising purposes.

  2. The client agrees to supply Roseleigh & Reid details of other vendors when hired items belonging to Roseleigh & Reid have been photographed by another supplier.

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